Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Pozee, or if you need support, please visit our support centre

1) How do you pronounce Pozee?

It’s pronounced ‘poh-zee’ - like the word from which it originated - ‘posy’ - meaning a single stem or small bunch of flowers.

2) Where did the idea for the logo come from?

The idea originated from the fabled tradition of the native Hawaiian women, who would wear a flower over their right ear to signal that they were single so the men in the village knew whom they could approach.

3) Why the 50 metres?

Pozee was designed to get people talking face-to-face. Fifty metres (approximately 150 feet) was considered to be the optimal distance within which a user can physically see the other person and be able to walk over and say hello. A larger radius would mean people may not be able to see the other user or act in real time.

4) When am I visible to others?

In order for you to be visible to other users, you must have the device open on your screen AND be logged in as VISIBLE.

If you are logged in as PRIVATE, you can only be seen by those people you choose by selecting YES against their photo.

You can switch between VISIBLE and PRIVATE modes at any time, by clicking on the button at the top left of the main page.

NOTE: As soon as you open another app on your screen or put down your phone, Pozee moves into the background. When Pozee moves into the background, two things happen:

  • The GPS automatically switches off - to conserve battery power AND to protect your privacy, and;
  • The app continues to search and inform you of new user's (at your last known location) for a period of 30 minutes. This last feature was designed to ensure you could put away your phone (as normal people do in social settings..) and not miss an opportunity. It follows, that in order for you to ensure the device is searching and informing you of new users in the background at your current location, you should bring the app to the foreground at least once every 30 minutes. After 30 minutes in the background, Pozee switches OFF completely.

5) What is the difference between logging in as VISIBLE or PRIVATE?

The mode you are in effects the number of users that can see your profile. It does not affect the number of users that you can see. Logging in as VISIBLE means your image will appear on the devices of other users nearby. Logging in as PRIVATE means your image will not appear on the devices of other users unless you allow them by ticking YES on their image.

6) Can someone track my location on this?


Pozee does not provide information on a user's location, distance or direction to other users. Other users can only determine whether you are located within 50 metres (approximately) of them and only if:

  • You have the app open on your screen, and;
  • You have chosen to be VISIBLE.

In other words, you are only visible to other users when you want to be.

If any of the three conditions (i.e. proximity, open on screen, or logged in as VISIBLE) are not present, you will not be visible.

Other general safety features include:

  • Irrespective of whether another user has seen your photo, your photo will automatically disappear from their phone after two hours.
  • The NEVER button serves the dual purpose of permanently blocking another user from your search results and removing your profile from their screen.
  • When the application moves into the background, the GPS automatically switches off. Which means your actual location won't update in the app until you choose to open it again.
  • The app does not require you to reveal any personally-identifying information about yourself other than your photo (not your name, your age, your school, your friends, your job, your social networks etc.). And;
  • You always have the option to operate the device in PRIVATE mode so that you are completely anonymous.

7) Can I leave the device on in the background?


The app has been designed such that when the application goes into the background, the GPS automatically switches off. That means that you can safely remain logged in without worrying that you are discoverable by other devices throughout the day.

With Pozee you are always in control.

NOTE: When the app goes into the background (which may only take a matter of seconds depending on your device’s settings) and the GPS automatically switches off, the user remains discoverable at their last known location for a period of 30 minutes only. This was designed so that the user doesn't need to worry that they will automatically become un-discoverable when they put their phone away to have a conversation.

8) Will the other person know I’ve liked them?

The other person will never know you have liked them until they have made their decision about your profile. Only in the event that both parties have selected YES to one another's profile will a small green tick appear against their profile in your Favorites.

9) Can I check out those around me without letting them know I am single?

Yes. Pozee allows users to log in as PRIVATE so that you can check out other users in complete anonymity.

10) What is the difference between logging in as VISIBLE or PRIVATE?

The mode you are in effects the number of users that can see your profile. It does not affect the number of users that you can see. Logging in as VISIBLE means your image will appear on the devices of other users nearby. Logging in as PRIVATE means your image will not appear on the devices of other users unless you approve them by ticking YES against their image.

11) What are the benefits of being on PRIVATE mode?

You can see who is open to being approached without making others aware of your relationship status. You can control who sees you. When in PRIVATE mode, selecting YES to one of the profiles on your screen sends your profile to that individual only - like a wink or a smile that no one else can see.

12) What are the benefits of being on VISIBLE mode?

Most people wait for some sort of signal that another person is single, interested and open to being approached, before approaching them. If they aren't sure whether you are single or open to being approached, they aren't likely to introduce themselves. VISIBLE mode ensures you can be discovered by the largest number of potential suitors.

13) Can I change what mode I am in while logged in?

Yes. You can change between VISIBLE and PRIVATE mode at any time by pressing the mode button on the top left of the main profile screen.

14) How much information do I have to provide?

A recent photo of your face that makes you easily recognizable in person and a valid email address, are all that is required.

16) Can I log in with Facebook?

Not at this time. The option for people to sign up and log in using Facebook will be introduced in upcoming versions.

17) How much information does the person see?

Your photo and any optional information you choose to provide (such as your name or an icebreaker).

18) Why is there no bio of the person? How do I know what interests them or what friends we have in common?

Try asking them in person - it works wonders. And if you don’t like the answer, so what, you’ve just made another friend.

19) But I’m not comfortable approaching someone new. What would I say?

Firstly, keep in mind, that the other person is letting you know that they are single and open to being approached - they’re putting themselves out there - so you’d be rude not to acknowledge that, right?

Five general principles that may improve your odds of successfully starting a conversation are:

  • People want to feel valued. Being physically attracted to someone is not the same as making them feel valued. Taking an interest, listening and taking the time to get to know someone, makes them feel valued.
  • Everyone feels the same nervous energy and excitement meeting someone for the first time, and everyone understands that it takes courage to break the ice. If you show someone respect and that respect is not returned, move on.
  • People are extremely sensitive to insincerity, so whatever you do don’t try to be someone you’re not.
  • The impression you make on someone is more often about the energy you give off than the words that leave your mouth. Believe it or not, people can sense your motivations before you even open your mouth. So if your motivation is to conquer or convert, be prepared to be met by a stone wall. Before you reach out to say hello, just ask yourself what sort of energy you’re about to project on that person. Are they a target in waiting or a possible friend in the making?
  • Take your time. It can be a thrill to finally meet someone in person after wasting time online for so long, but play it cool. Don’t try and close the deal on your first conversation. Be happy to have broken the ice and met someone new. You’ve just graduated to the real world and unless your boss posts you to Antarctica next week, you’ll never need to look online again.

20) Why do you only get one photo for each person?

Because the real person is within sight of you right now. Go check them out. The photo merely serves to enable you to pick that person out from the crowd. You won’t be dating the photo.

21) What happens when I tick YES to a profile image?

In VISIBLE mode: That person is saved to your Favorites for a period of two hours.

In PRIVATE mode: That person is saved to your Favourites for a period of two hours; and, your profile is sent to that person.

Under either mode, you have 2 hours to approach that person or send them a profile card before their profile is automatically removed from your device.

22) Why the 2 hour time limit?

  • Because people shouldn't need longer than that to take the opportunity to go over and talk to someone;
  • Pozee is about people connecting in real life, in real time;
  • Loss of opportunity can be a powerful motivator to get people to take action;
  • People don’t want their image residing on other people’s devices.

23) Can they come back on if they were in my Favorites and 2 hours has passed?

Yes, provided they are still within your immediate vicinity and they haven’t chosen to block you by clicking NEVER.

24) What happens when I tick NOT NOW to a profile image?

That profile is removed for 24 hours and cannot reappear in your search results during this time. That profile can reappear in your search results after this time.

25) What happens when I tick NEVER to a profile image?

That person is permanently deleted from ever reappearing on your device; you will never re-appear on their device; and if they had previously said YES to your profile, your profile will be removed from their FAVORITES.

26) Can I unblock someone?

No. Selecting NEVER against a person’s profile (i.e. blocking someone) is a permanent action.

27) Can I choose the age group I’m looking for?

No. In order to make that possible we would have to ask everyone to provide their age or insist that people Log In with Facebook in order for us to collect that information. Our research showed that the vast majority of users would prefer not to have to reveal their age or be forced to Log In with Facebook. If you are seeing people that are outside your target age range we suggest you change the crowd you're in and/or select NEVER to those users clearly outside your target age range.

28) Can I use it from home to search for other singles?

Pozee requires you to throw your jeans on and get out among real people. Sure you could turn it on at home and find out if the neighbour is open to being approached, but really…

29) Can I use it when I’m on vacation overseas?

Yes, Pozee is available anywhere wifi is available. Pozee should be a travel essential.

30) How did you come up with the idea?

On vacation in Hawaii many years ago I remembered attending a traditional luau and being taught that in Hawaiian culture it was customary for the woman to wear a flower behind her right ear to signify that she was single. This simple custom was said to play an important role in guiding the overtures of the men in attendance at such events for thousands of years. It struck me that there is no modern equivalent of this simple custom, and yet knowing whether a woman is single is the first hurdle a man faces when deciding whether to approach a woman. Sure there are singles parties and traffic light parties, but singles need a solution that is working for them every moment of the day, whether they are picking up a coffee, grabbing some groceries or out at a bar. Smartphones provided the perfect medium.

31) How did you come up with the name?

Pozee was derived from the word ‘posy’ which is used to describe a small bouquet of flowers or a single stem. Offering a girl a little posy of flowers was one of my earliest childhood memories of what it meant for a boy to show a girl he liked her and vice versa. It was a symbol of attraction made famous in children’s books about love and friendship. It’s a symbol of attraction to which all walks of life can relate.

The flower symbol was also central to the original idea behind the app.

32) Will you be making Pozee available for Android?

Yes. We are currently in the process of making Pozee available on Android.

33) I switched from VISIBLE to PRIVATE, but I’m still getting approached.

People who have already seen you and liked you while you were in VISIBLE mode will have two hours to approach you or send you a profile card before your profile will disappear from their phone.

34) I can’t log in.

Make sure you have entered the correct email and password for your account. If you have forgotten your password press ‘Forgot Password?’ to reset it. Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed.

35) I created a new account but don’t see my photo.

All photos submitted are subject to approval by Pozee. Your photo will appear under Settings / Edit Profile as soon as it has been approved. You can still use the app while your profile is waiting for approval but other users will not be able to identify you by appearance.

36) I edited my name/icebreaker/photo but it’s not appearing on my profile.

All photos, names and icebreakers submitted are subject to approval by Pozee. Edits to your profile will appear under Settings / Edit Profile as soon as they have been approved. If your edit has not been approved within 24 hours it is likely to have been disallowed in accordance with Pozee’s Terms of Use and an alternative should be submitted via the app.

37) Why does my phone sometimes take up to a minute to locate users around me?

Pozee relies on the location services built into your phone to determine your approximate location just as your other mapping and location-based apps do. The location services require an accurate location fix before Pozee applies a filter for even greater accuracy. These location services also depend on third-party data services (e.g. satellites, cellular networks and wifi) that are subject to change and may not be available in all areas.

If the problem persists, you may simply need to move outside or closer to where you may have a clear angle to the sky and try again.

Visit for information on your iOS device.

38) I saved someone to my Favorites but I don’t see them there.

Either you have taken longer than 2 hours to make your move or that person has blocked you by selecting NEVER against your profile. Refresh and get back out there.

If you couldn't find the answer to your problem here, please send an email to

NOTE: Pozee only supports iOS 6+