Conversation is back. Pozee connects you with the people around you in real time. No more swipes, charms or endless text messages. It's time to put down the phone and go say hello.

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Imagine the joy of deleting all your online dating profiles because there was finally an app that made meeting people in real life, easier than ever before.

One with the power to turn any occasion, into the best day of your life.

Welcome to Pozee.


Our Philosophy

Pozee shows you who's single and open to being approached. The rest is up to you.

Ever wondered whether that guy or girl you spotted in the cafe was single? Ever wished that he or she had the courage to introduce themselves? What if there was a universal way of signalling whether you were single that could be turned on or off at any time depending on the occasion - one that gave the other party the confidence to come over and say hello.

Pozee is a new smartphone app that does precisely that. Pozee enables singles to identify themselves as being single to those immediately around them in a discrete and private manner. Users can show they are single to every user in the room or only those they choose.

The main reason suitable singles often do not meet is because neither party is prepared to approach the other for fear of rejection. This fear of rejection stems from the fact that you can’t be sure whether the other person is single or has any interest in you. Pozee is designed to overcome that fear of rejection by providing the user with the answer to both of these questions in real time.

Pozee does not search the neighborhood looking for singles that are waiting online to start a conversation. The app is all about identifying the singles that are immediately around you, right at that moment. It’s about embracing the opportunities the universe can provide you at any moment.

The app is designed to help people approach one another in real time. That means no profiles, no messaging, no charms, no super-likes, in fact nothing virtual at all.

Pozee espouses the belief that chemistry - that magical connection only felt through sharing one's physical space - transcends all notions of compatibility for determining real attraction.

Pozee does away with many of the problems often associated with online dating including the need to disclose personal information, the need to commoditize one’s self for public scrutiny in a catalogue of millions of other singles, and the misconception that a computer is able to predict chemistry on the basis of matching respondents' answers to superficial questions.

So if you are like the millions of other successful people who value privacy and don’t have time to waste endlessly emailing or texting people you’ve never met, download Pozee now and never let another opportunity pass you by.

This is the way single life was meant to be.

Real conversations, with real people, in real time.

Meeting people with similar interests, when you're out having a good time.

Trusting your instincts to tell you when you've found someone worth dating.


Thousands of years ago the native Hawaiians stumbled upon a simple solution to a vexing problem – how does one find a suitable partner? It was decided that all the single girls in the village would wear a flower above their right ear. Everyone rejoiced and peace came over the land.

Arrive. Discover. Meet. iphone-how-it-works iphone-how-it-works

Download the free Pozee app.

Head out to your favorite bar, cafe, wherever, and switch it on.

Decide whether you'd like to be visible to others or only those you choose.

Pozee instantly populates the people around you that are open to being approached.

Go over and say hello.

Or, if you're in PRIVATE mode, invite them over by selecting YES. The choice is yours.

You've got two hours to open the conversation.

If you miss your chance, you can invite them to connect later.

Step 1 iphone-how-it-works iphone-how-it-works


Decide whether you're open to being approached by anyone who'd like to meet you...


...or only those you choose.

Step 2 iphone-how-it-works iphone-how-it-works


Anonymously saves that person to your Favorites.

If in PRIVATE mode, your photo is discretely added to that person's search results.

They'll only know you've liked them, if they've liked you too.


Anonymously removes that person for 24 hours.

Step 3 iphone-how-it-works iphone-how-it-works


You have two hours to go say hello.


When it comes time to exchange numbers, add a contact number to a face with one simple click.


You saw them but you’ve got to run. Let them know you're interested by inviting them to connect later.

Everything you need and nothing you don’t.


private and visible modes

You control who can see you and when.

no in-app messaging

Keeps it personal. Encourages you to act in the moment. Helps sort the men from the boys.

personal notifications

Ensures you can put away your phone and never miss an opportunity.

photo timer

Promotes privacy and spontaneity. They had their chance...

auto gps shut off

Leave the app on without ever revealing your location or draining your battery.

no public profile

You can't be seen unless you want to be. Ensures you're not for public discussion.

no private information

One recent photo and you're done.

no mandatory FB login

No contacts, interests or online behaviour to share with third parties.

no networks to join

No new inboxes to manage or messages to respond to.

no social stigma

Never have to come up with a story about how you met.

Frequently Asked Questions

So what is Pozee?

Pozee is a way for people to communicate their interest in meeting one another in real time. It's hard to believe they call this innovation, but we discovered that if a single guy knows whether a woman is single (and vice versa) they'll actually talk to one another. It's magic stuff.

How does it work?

Pozee uses your phone’s location to show you who's open to being approached within 50 metres of where you’re standing. It was designed to break down the fear of rejection that prevents people from approaching one another in real life.

Isn’t that what a smile is for?

It was, but somehow it’s all become too difficult. Women are wondering whether they will appear too easy or vulnerable. Meanwhile John Doe is looking around wondering whether he’s lost his mojo and decides not to say hello without some sort of sign. It’s a mess.

So how is it different to Tinder?

Tinder is a dating app. Pozee is an invitation to say hello in person.

Tinder shows you the profile photo. Pozee shows you the person.

Tinder tells the world you’re single. Pozee lets you whisper it to who you want.

Tinder is swapping messages and guessing. Pozee is in the moment.

Tinder is useless once you show up. Pozee is announcing you’ve arrived.

Tinder lets you play games. Pozee helps you avoid them.

Tinder needs your Facebook info. Pozee respects your privacy.

Tinder is matching friends and likes. Pozee puts chemistry first.

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Release date:July 2017

Platforms:iPhone, Android (coming soon)

Price:Free (with in-app purchases)




Pozee is the world's first and only private platform for people to communicate their interest in meeting one another in real time.